Board & Train


When learning new habits and behaviors, dogs need consistency. Our board & train program is essentially a dog boot camp that allows us to give your dog the structure and constant training they need to be successful.

We tailor each dog training camp program depending on the dog’s needs. Board & train focuses on, but is not limited to the following:

  • Beginner foundation training [sit, down, stay, heel, place, recall]
  • Behavior modification [fear & aggression]
  • Off leash k9 training

Benefits of Our Doggy Boot Camp

We find that one of the biggest problems with trying to do everything yourself at home, is dogs do not get the exposure they need to be fully balanced.  With our board & train program, your dog will benefit from training in private & group settings as well as off-location in realistic environments. Our goal is to develop a dog who is obedient, confident, and can perform the instilled training with anyone, anywhere.

At the end of the board & train program, your dog will be better equipped to adapt and socialize with new dogs, people and environments. Owners will also see improvements on specific issues and overall obedience. Before your dog goes home, you will receive a private training session to ensure you as the owner leave with the proper tools & techniques to set your dog up for success.


Each additional day over a package is $150 per day. A $200 deposit per dog is required for reservation. Prices do not include training equipment such as collars, leashes, e-collars, etc. Full payment is due upon drop off.

2 week package
$2,450 +tax
14 days

3 week package
$3,360 +tax
21 days

4 week package
$4,400 +tax
28 days

Each additional day over a package is $150 per day.

*$200 deposit per dog required for reservation. Full payment due upon drop off.

Schedule Your Dog’s Board & Train

Our board & train program is sought after all over the country. Since we have dogs traveling from out of state on a regular basis, we have limited availability. To reserve your dogs spot, please call or fill out the contact form below and one of our trainers will reach out to you.

Call (518) 406-5559

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Board & Train Testimonials

My 1 year old German Shepherd, Kira, went through the 2 week board and train program and I can’t say enough good things about this place. By no means did I have a bad dog I just had a dog with a lot of anxiety and no boundaries or structure. Upstate Canine Academy gave my dog the basics of being trained along with the confidence of knowing she is a good dog. When I picked her up from the 2 week stay she was a whole new dog in the best way. She listened better, knew her basic commands and found a way to channel her puppy energy. It was mind blowing really. The trainer Zach is wonderful, upon pick up he worked with Kira and I for an hour on everything she’s learned and gave me the confidence of going home with a newly trained dog. The great thing about UCA is they do lifetime follow up appointments. If you have ANY questions at all they answer them right away, you can even drop in on classes if your dog needs a tune up! I cannot thank UCA enough for giving me and my pup tools to live peacefully! FOREVER GRATEFUL 10/10 would recommend UCA to anyone!

I sent my 2 year old mixed breed for the three week board and train. I needed to help her work out her severe dog reactivity which was beyond anything I was capable of dealing with. Growling, lunging, pulling me onto the ground—it was completely unmanageable. I had already spent close to a thousand dollars on personal dog training which did absolutely nothing for us. In the end, that trainer recommended I see an expensive vet behaviorist for intervention with medications. We had to walk at obscure times of day to avoid other dogs and it was just so upsetting to see her so stressed and out of control. Miraculously, as soon as I handed the leash over to Morgan on drop off day, my dog didn’t react to any of the dogs at the facility. We got several updates during the course of the board and train stay, and we loved following her progress on the UCA Instagram. She looked happy and comfortable. When I picked my dog up, Morgan spent over an hour with us teaching us how to transition all of Murphy’s new skills to our home. I was really nervous that as soon as we got home, nothing would stick and we’d be left with all the same issues. This did not happen. Murphy has been home for several weeks and is more balanced than I ever could’ve hoped. She behaves politely toward every dog she meets and her favorite hobby is now playing with other dogs rather than grolwing and lunging at them. My dog’s world is infinitely bigger now that she can calmly and happily interact with other dogs. I can’t say enough how much UCA changed our lives. It was worth every penny, and I’ve already recommended UCA to other owners who are struggling to help their dogs overcome issues.