Behavior Modification Training

Upstate Canine Academy in Clifton Park, NY is most sought after for our behavior modification training. Our unique and creative training approach to each dog’s behavioral issue allows us to conquer the majority of the dog’s and owner’s problems while focusing heavily on owner education. We have helped owners and their dogs with leash reactivity, dog and human aggression, food aggression, resource guarding, and anxiety. We regularly see dogs with bite histories.

How Our Behavior Modification Training Program Works

The trainers at the Academy specialize in a vast array of canine behavior modification. We have found most success comes when owners understand the why and how of their situation and the training. Throughout our training, we are able to customize the plan of action for each dog. Our knowledge and experience allow us to adjust tactics and the training approach as we progress with the individual dog and owner.

Behavior Modification Training Packages

We have a few different training options for behavior modification. Our board and train program is recommended to work in-depth on most behavioral issues. If a dog has severe issues toward humans, we recommend the owner being involved in the training process by enrolling in our regular training packages for local owners or our out of state package. Please contact us to figure out the best training option for you and your dog!

Each dog comes to us with various skills, training, and issues. Therefore we strongly believe that a one-size fits all approach to training is not effective. Since we customize our behavior modification training packages to each individual dog, we ask that you give us a call at (518) 952-7873 or fill out our contact form for pricing information.

Ask Us About Behavior Modification Training