Puppy Training

Congrats on your new puppy! While puppies are loads of fun, many owners can start to feel overwhelmed as they deal with potty training and obedience training.  When it comes to successful puppy training, timing and consistency are key, which is where our team of puppy training experts can help! At our training facility in Clifton Park, NY we work with owners and their puppies one on one and in a group to teach proper dog behavior, socialization, and more.

How Our Puppy Training Classes Work

Unlike traditional puppy classes, our puppy training addresses the individual dog and the stage of life they are in. We focus on creating and establishing a healthy owner-puppy relationship while building a great foundation of obedience. Basic commands include heel, sit, down, place, stay and introduction to recall, in addition to overall manners (no jumping, no biting). We have found that beginning the puppy training process early on eliminates future issues by the dog learning good habits and commands. Our trainers also take the time to educate puppy owners on proper dog handling, dog behavior and other general knowledge about their puppy.

Puppy Training Packages

Puppy training at our Clifton Park, NY training facility is not your typical puppy class. We work one on one with you and your puppy to establish a good foundation as well as in group classes which are a great opportunity to enforce basic obedience skills in a high distraction environment.

Each puppy comes to us with different personalities and at various stages in training. For this reason we strongly feel that a one size fits all approach to puppy training classes is not effective. This is why we offer customized puppy training classes. Please give us a call at (518) 952-7873 or fill out our contact form for pricing information to talk about you and your puppy’s training needs.