Doggy Daycare FAQS

Clifton Park Doggy Daycare FAQs

Dogs are part of the family, and trusting your family member to people you don’t know can be rough. Fortunately, our team of dog trainers and staff have the training, experience and passion to provide your pet with the best doggy daycare experience possible. Of course, we understand you probably still have questions, which is why we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve received from pet owners over the years.

Doggy Daycare Basics

What are the benefits of doggy daycare?

Doggy day care is a place to drop off your dog for the day to play with other dogs and humans in a safe, clean, structured environment. It improves socialization, provides your dog with regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight, relieves separation anxiety, boredom and destructive behavior, and increases your dog’s overall happiness.

How often should my dog go to daycare?

The answer really depends on your dog and lifestyle. Young, energetic dogs with pet parents that work full-time can benefit from several days a week, while owners of senior dogs that require more downtime may find that 1-2 days a week is enough. If you notice that your dog is getting too tired or grumpy, it might be time to scale back. Alternatively, if your pup has more energy than he or she knows what to do with, or is getting into trouble while you are at work, you could try adding more days.

Should I feed my dog before daycare?

If your dog normally eats in the morning, we recommend you feed him or her at least 60 minutes before arriving at daycare. We provide a fun, active environment for dogs, and if your dog joins in the activities too soon after eating it could result in a sometimes fatal condition known as bloat. If your dog has eaten within an 30 minutes of arriving, just let our staff know at drop off.

What will my dog do while at daycare?

Play! (It’s really a pup’s paradise.) Your dog will spend the day playing and socializing with other dogs in a structured environment, carefully supervised by our dog trainers and highly experienced staff. We have a daily schedule that includes playtime, socializing, naps, and, of course, lots of belly rubs and scratches behind the ears.

Will my dog be walked while at daycare?

Your dog will get plenty of exercise throughout the day – running, playing, and socializing – so there’s no need for a walk. Plus, it’s safer, since your dog never leaves our doggy daycare facility.

Does UCA have an outdoor play area?

Yes! In fact, we have the largest indoor and outdoor play area for dogs in the Albany Capital Region with top-of-the-line artificial turf. In the warmer months, we even have mini swimming pools for dogs to play in.

What should I expect when my dog comes home from daycare?

You’re likely to find you’ve got one tired pup on your hands! This is totally normal after a day of running, playing and socializing. And it’s not uncommon for dogs to sleep when they get home. Your dog may also be thirsty. Although water is available in the play areas and in your dog’s crate at the end of the day, they may still require additional water when they get home – similar to how we feel after a good workout.


Doggy Day Care Safety

What is the staff-to-dog ratio at UCA?

UCA is primarily a dog training company, so our doggy daycare program emphasizes quality over quantity, and the size of our pack is limited each day. We have a staff-to-dog ratio of 2 humans to 17 dogs. In addition our staff is highly experienced in dog behavior and understanding pack mentality.

How often is the UCA doggy daycare facility cleaned?

Our staff immediately cleans and disinfects when a dog goes to the bathroom. Our doggy daycare areas are then disinfected at the end of the day with industry-recommended cleaning products and disinfectants that are both effective at killing viruses and bacteria, and safe for pets.

Do dogs ever get hurt?

While your pet’s safety and well-being are our top priority, it’s possible for dogs to sustain minor scratches, bumps or bruises during normal play. More serious injuries are extremely rare. Our dog trainers and highly experienced staff are extensively trained in dog behavior, and have years of experience in daycare settings.

What happens if my dog becomes ill or injured while at daycare?

In the event of a serious injury or illness, your dog will be rushed to your personal Vet, if it’s close by, or a Vet near our facility, and UCA will immediately contact you.

Doggy Daycare Guidelines

What are the requirements for my dog to attend daycare?

In order to maintain our extremely highly safety standards and satisfaction ratings, we require all dogs to be friendly with other dogs and people. We also require them to be free of wounds or stitches, and in overall good health. All dogs must have updated Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines, be on flea & tick prevention, and provide a clean fecal test every 6 months. Male dogs must be neutered by 1 year old. In addition, dogs must pass an interview and temperament evaluation.

Are there any restrictions on breeds?

It is not our policy to turn away dogs based on breed. We welcome all dogs that are friendly with other dogs and people. Each dog is evaluated on temperament and personality before being accepted into our doggy daycare pack.

Can my puppy go to doggy daycare?

Dogs must be a minimum of 14 weeks old to attend our doggy daycare in Clifton Park. Before sending your new puppy to daycare, he or she should be fully vaccinated, well-adjusted and physically mature enough to play with other dogs in a safe way.

Is doggy day care safe for small dogs?

Dogs of all sizes are welcome. We do not separate the pack based on their size, temperament or activity level. The dogs in our pack are able to play with larger and smaller dogs. If your dog is extremely small (less than 10lbs), we may advise you not to bring them to a daycare environment..

Is doggy daycare good for senior dogs?

It truly depends on the temperament of your dog. We have some senior dogs who thoroughly enjoy romping around with their younger pack mates, and have encountered others who just prefer to nap. We regularly evaluate each dog’s behavior, and if we find your senior dog isn’t assimilating well, we will let you know.

Doggy Daycare Policies

Can I take a tour?

Due to COVID-19 and the safety of the dogs in our care, we do not offer tours or allow non-employees of UCA in the back of our doggy daycare facility in Clifton Park NY. However, during your dog’s evaluation we can show you on our cameras where the dogs play. Contact us online or call us at (518) 952-7873 to make an appointment. Our dog trainers and staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Is there a discount for more than one dog?

Yes, we offer a discount if you have two dogs in our full day doggy daycare program. Currently, a full day of doggy daycare is $31 + tax, but the cost is discounted to $28 + tax per dog if you have two. For families with more than two dogs, please contact us online, or give us a call at (518) 952-7873.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes. Our doggy daycare program is in high-demand, and our pack size is limited each day, so we often have a wait list. Please call (518) 952-7873 or contact us online if you are interested.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

We ask that if you need to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible so we can fill your dog’s spot. We do not provide refunds for services rendered or services purchased and not used.

What time is drop off and pick up?

Drop off for our doggy daycare in Clifton Park NY is between 6:30 and 8:00 am daily. Pick up is between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. We’ve recently added text messaging to our contactless pick up process to make it even faster and easier to pick up your dog.

Why Choose UCA’s Doggy Daycare in Clifton Park NY?

Because our main focus at UCA is on dog training, our doggy daycare program is like no other in the Albany & Saratoga area. Supervised at all times by experienced and trained staff, your dog will not pick up “bad habits” or other undesirable traits that are sometimes learned at other daycare facilities.

Pet owners also rest easier knowing that all of the dogs in our pack are carefully vetted for temperament and personality, and our large play areas provide for both indoor and outdoor play. What’s more, our doggy daycare is affordably priced, well below the national average of $50/day, and we are conveniently located between Albany and Saratoga Springs NY.


Interested in joining our pack? Contact us online or call (518) 952-7873.