Obedience Training
Case Studies

Upstate Canine Academy offers non-traditional Dog Obedience Training in Clifton Park NY with a customized approach for each dog and owner. Our motto is NO BAD DOGS, and we have 10 years of success stories to prove it. Read our case studies and hear from dogs owners, just like you, who have created a better relationship with their dog by attending our private dog training sessions and group dog training classes in Upstate New York.

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Pitbull Mix: Eddie

Issue: Eddie, a 5 year-old Pitbull Mix from Michigan, was severely reactive to other dogs. Whenever he saw or smelled another dog, his reaction was to become extremely vocal and very anxious, and when he was in this state of mind, it was nearly impossible to communicate with him.

How we helped: During a series of five private training sessions, we worked with Eddie’s owner to calm him down around other dogs. We were able to effectively rewire Eddie’s mindset, increase his engagement with his owner, and improve communication. The training provided Eddie with a calmer demeanor, his owner with a better understanding of what Eddie needed to decrease his reactivity, and both of them with a more enjoyable, active lifestyle.

From the Owner: “My experience at Upstate Canine Academy was remarkable. I traveled from Michigan to Upstate New York with my 5 year old Pit Bull, Eddie. Over the course of three days, we did five sessions with Tom Davis. Tom listened to my dog, listened to me and then adapted the most effective way to deal with Eddie’s anxiety and dog reactivity. Tom’s insight and approach is truly amazing!! He and his Staff have a real passion and genuine ability to help dogs, and Eddie responded quickly to their energy.” 2-Week Update: “Very happy to say, more than 2 weeks after, we’ve maintained and continued to build on the progress made during his sessions. The positive experience and foundation built during those sessions was truly life changing. Tom really made a difference in Eddie’s quality of life, and ours. Thank You!!”

Chocolate Labrador: Jackson

Jackson Chocolate LabIssue: Jackson, a young, energetic and strong Chocolote Labrador, was pulling on leash, not coming when called, and not listening to his owners when there were other distractions.

How We Helped: During our Dog Obedience Training Sessions, we worked with Jackson and his owner to get the basics down before moving on to more advanced, off-leash training. Remote collar training gave the owner a way to communicate with Jackson off-leash, as well as help with engagement in high-distraction environments. Jackson’s owner had a goal for him to become a therapy dog, which requires great obedience and control. After training, Jackson was more than capable of becoming a therapy dog. His quality of life increased due to the freedom his owner could now give him with their newfound off-leash control.

From the Owner: “I’ve seen Thomas work with other dogs with bigger issues and, whether Thomas is dealing with my goofy, growing puppy or a dog with much tougher issues, he is always calm, always patient and always in the moment. Furthermore, that patience and calmness extend to the owners. Thomas answers all my questions (no matter how silly) and takes the time to explain everything he is doing. He has been able to show me my dog’s potential and has given me the tools I need to continue training efforts at home. I always leave a UCA private training session, or group session, feeling empowered and having a better connection with my dog.”

Plott Hound: Bo

Photo Coming SoonIssue: Bo, a 2 year-old Plott Hound, was not listening to his owner. He was vocal and uncontrollable, and getting more aggressive and reactive each time they left the house.

How We Helped:

During our dog training sessions at our facility in Clifton Park NY, we helped rewire the relationship between Bo and his owner, and repair the disconnect between them. We helped them create a better relationship, which decreased the stress in both of their lives. Over the course of the training, their engagement improved tenfold. Bo has a calmer demeanor, and his owner now has great control over Bo both on and off-leash.

From the Owner: “I was just about ready to throw in the towel with Bo, my 2 year old, 80 pound Plott hound that I had adopted. He was getting more aggressive and reactive the longer I had him. I couldn’t even go out of the house with this out of control dog. Nothing I did helped. I saw the ad for America’s Canine Educator on Facebook, called and got an appointment to meet with Tom. A life changing event for both Bo and myself. He had Bo heeling and being respectful in a matter of minutes. Eye opening experience!!! I’m the one that needed to learn!! Tom gave me the knowledge and the tools I needed to get a handle on my boy. Private lessons, then group lessons, we are on our way now!! Thank you Tom!!!”